Direction of MASHA health food products

Before Breakfast
 After Breakfast
 After dinner

Pure collagen Concentrate @ Beaurose @ Charming

  1. Pure Collagen Concentrate + Beaurose + Charming
  2. Pure Collagen Concentrate + Beaurose + Charming + breakfast  drink like Milo, Coffee, Soya, Juice

*1 sachet each products/ day if consume 3 products together.
*2 sachets/day  if consume only 1 of the product to get optimal result
*Can add with normal to lukewarm water.


  1. 1 sachet  s fit @ 1 sachet

S menu for people first time taking slimming product.

  1. 1 sachet S menu & 1 sachet S Fit at tea time for people often taking slimming product.
*drink more water


1 sachet fiber


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