Masha Placenta

Masha Placenta

Sheep Placenta

What is Placenta?

Placenta contained rich source of nutrients and growth factors, which is rich in amino acid, Vitamin E and B series as well as various mineral like calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc and etc as functions to determine the healthy development of a fetus.

Studies have discovered that placenta contains abundant levels of cell building blocks, active growth factors, antioxidants and skin-beautifying ingredients where it gives functions to protect and provide all the nutrients to the growing fetus needs. Hence, placenta is considering as a rich source of important and vital nutrients with the necessary “building block” and enzymes for growth.

Besides that, the young and vital placenta cells will revitalize and invigorate the old and degenerating cells in the body, stimulating them to be renewed and function with restorative efficiency. Hence, fostering continued enhancement and maintenance of bodily organs functions.

Why Sheep Placenta?

Sheep placenta contain rich source of nutrients, growth factors and bio-active cytokines and it has been used for thousands of years by British Royal Family as medicine and promoting general health. Sheep cell is well-documented compatibility with human cells and therefore sheep placenta is used particularly. Sheep is chosen as premier source because they are vital animals with best immune systems and possessing a natural disease resistance to human body as sheep protein are specifically compatible to us and trigger no immune reactions.

How Sheep Placenta Gives Benefits to Our Health?

1. Anti-aging 2. Immune System 3. Healthy 4. Skin Beauty> 5. Bone / Joint

  • Sheep placenta rich in natural antioxidants and phyto-nutrients that can effectively deliver nourishments to body mechanisms, especially the blood system, muscles, bones and reproduction tissues.

  • Helps resist aging effects, regulates imbalances and restores damages cells.

  • Repairs free-radical damage cells, delays aging process, fostering deep and lasting rejuvenations.

  • Enhances resistance capability against aging effects.

  • Balances and regulate the reproductive system

  • Act as energy booster against general fatigue weakness.

  • Prevent premature degenration of body cells.

  • Effectively fosters renewal of younger and healthier cells in replacement of withered old cells.

  • Placenta cells contained “Stem Cell” which is capable of differentiating and replaces degenerated cells.

  • Enhances the digestive system.

  • Improve digestion and absorption ability.

  • Improve microcirculation, regulates blood lipid, reduced blood viscosity and the levels of lipid peroxide in the liver and cardiac muscle.

  • Efficacy enhance skin anti-aging that render protection and restores skin tissues.

  • Diminishes and moisturizes fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Effectively treats damages skin.

  • Evens complexion, reduces dark spots and freckles.

  • Lifts and firms up skin, improve saggy skin.

  • Enhances skin metabolism.

  • Regulates skin’s secretion and reduces pore size.

  • Accelerates natural repair process.

  • Support healthy joints, nervous, and skin tissues.

  • Improve motion articulations, support joint lubrication and reduces minor pain and aches.

  • Nourishes muscle and bones.

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